17 June 2008

Executive Session With Rance Crain

advertising age Rance Crain has been helming a series of video podcast interviews on the Ad Age site.  As befits his position in the industry, he doesn't do much slummin':

KRDDB Chairman Emeritus Keith Reinhard contemplates the ways creatives and CEOs go wrong in today's rapidly changing marketing industry. The tendency of many young creatives, he says, is to veer into the "weird" rather than the "relevant" in advertising ideas. He also notes that many CEOs hurt their brand by failing to be its ultimate steward in an age of revolving-door CMOs.

arIs the internet only a communications utility or is it an effective venue for building brands? That question is a central issue in this nine-minute video interview with BBDO Chairman Emeritus Allen Rosenshine.

Much (but not all) of what they talk about reflects what I've been saying for years in this blog, in my book, during consultations and presentations. 

As I've said about Mr. Crain: If you don't listen to me, listen to Rance. Now you have two advertising legends you can listen to instead of me.

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