10 June 2008

Selling Bicycles to Boomers

I don't remember how I stumbled upon the first two vids below.

A long time ago in an earlier incarnation I produced, wrote, and directed corporate, PR, and marketing videos not much different from these. So I'm not about to make fun of them (for fear that someone would dig up my forgotten masterpieces).

The first one is Selling To Baby Boomers:

What I found fascinating: There's an age gap between salespeople and customers? Is that really any different than what I've been saying for years?

Same message, same lessons. If you don't believe me, believe to Rance Crain.

And much of it likewise applies to Selling to Women:

But because I'm Mr. Boring, Mr. Flat-Paved-Trails-Only, I was really salivating over these beauties:

5 bikes for boomers
5 bikes for boomers

I want all of them.

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