06 June 2005

Hello future.

I saw a great spot a week or so ago for Lincoln Financial.

A few days later my Stuart Elliott email newsletter arrived and I read all about it. Mr. Elliott's headline: Saying Hello to Baby Boomers. The spot is part of a campaign titled "Hello future."

I'd love to post the complete article from the Elliott/NYT newsletter, but certainly would get in copyright trouble for that. So this is all you get:
The "Hello future" campaign, by Martin/Williams in Minneapolis, part of the Omnicom Group, is intended to create an image for Lincoln as the go-to company for the financial needs of the baby-boomer generation … In a third commercial, a girl is sitting in her guidance counselor's office in high school, circa the 1960's. "Roberta, I can see you as a file clerk," he tells her. "It's a great way to meet eligible lawyers." Fast-forward into the future, as she becomes a lawyer, then a judge, then retires. The scene shifts to a present-day student in her guidance counselor's office. "File clerk?" a voice asks. "Have you ever considered being a lawyer?" The camera cuts to the counselor - who is, of course, the retired judge.
That's the one I saw. A brilliant spot.

There's not much I can link to about this campaign. For example, the press release on the Martin/Williams web site is in flash, so you'll have to go there and fish around.

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  1. Jahan --

    You're spot on. This commercial works on many different levels.

    And I agree that racism (and ageism) are still major issues.



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