07 June 2005

Over 50 and Out of Favor: by Meg James, LA Times

Here's a good article from the Los Angeles Times dated May 10th, and reprinted on the AEF web site.

A few people quoted include Brad Adgate of Horizon Media, a top media planning (and more) firm. Mr. Adgate is a 'go-to' guy for lots of news outlets, including NPR. Do a google news search for "Brad Adgate" some time and more than likely you'll find a quote or quotes from him. From what he says about Baby Boomers, I'm guessing you'll get a sympathetic and knowledgable ear at Horizon Media if interested in targeting this demographic.

Brent Green penned Marketing to Leading-Edge Baby Boomers, and Matt Thornhill runs the marketing and research firm The Boomer Project.

The Advertising Education Foundation
, among many other things, is the best place to hunt down advertising articles from The New York Times and other periodicals - ones which may have vanished into the pricey ether. For example, here's an excellent NYT piece from December 2003.

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