17 June 2005

Rubbing yourself and smiling.

I first saw The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty as a series of print ads (was it in the Oprah mag?) and loved it. No doubt about it — real beauties. The women exuded intelligence, confidence, sensuality. Great concept. (And if I may be a bit of a male pig: So many women, so little time…)

Then I saw the TV version. It doesn't work. The same women as in the print campaign (I'm pretty sure they were the same) stand there and … I'm not sure what … rub themselves and smile.

What were they told to do? Obviously, it was explained to them that they shouldn't be autoerotic about it. And there's a thin line between autoeroticism and sensuality - so I'm betting they were told not to be too sensual.

So what's left? Itching? They look like they're itching. Itching and smiling. Nervously itching and smiling.

Whatever it is, it's awkward and contrived. "Don't be sexual, don't be sensual - just rub yourself for no particular reason and look like you're enjoying it for no particular reason."

This is another one of those over-branded, over coordinated campaigns.

Of course, you couldn't have them smoothing lotion on their skins. How trite. How mundane. And the worst part -- no advertising awards.

Now I can't look at the print campaign without getting queasy. It reminds me of the silly commercial.

An A for the print campaign.

A++ for defining beauty for what it really is.

A++ for defining female beauty as something that gets better with age.

C- for getting sucked into empty branding techniques.


Does Reality Sell Beauty?

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