19 June 2005

Burgeoning Baby Boomer Blog

Marketing to Leading-Edge Baby Boomers author and pundit Brent Green has finally gotten around to blogging.

The pic on the site is an apt metaphor, for Brent isn't afraid to take on all sorts of subjects - including Ward Churchill, Joe Queenan, Joe Klein, and silly (but damaging) editorials in various newspapers and magazines.

I wouldn't reduce Brent Green to simply a Baby Boomer apologist, for the Baby Boomer Generation, while getting blasted in the press over the last few years, really needs no apologists. From Brent's blog:
A few years ago, TIME magazine trumpeted "America's Best: Science & Medicine." Of 16 people profiled, only one is not a boomer. The finest neurosurgeon, the most respected biomedical engineer, academia's leading paleontologist … all boomers. Two ardent boomers led teams to decipher the 3.1 billion biochemical units of human DNA - perhaps the greatest scientific achievement of the 21st century - also heralded on the cover of TIME.
Mr. Green's trenchant book and blog, along with articles such as Carolyn Said's recent piece in the San Francisco Chronicle and Leonard Steinhorn's forthcoming book, "The Greater Generation In Defense of the Baby Boomer Legacy," have and will correct abominations in the media.

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