04 June 2005

Gill Walker of Evergreen Marketing Communications in Australia is
part of a team that has put together a set of very impressive seminars for SouthernCross Broadcasting. Its purpose? To convince advertisers to target Baby Boomers (give or take a few years).

What knocks me out is that these seminars not only talk about obvious products/services (financial, travel) but feature - surprise, surprise - almost all consumer products and services including household cleaners, food, toiletries, etc.

Such audacity. Advising advertisers to sell everyday products to people over thirty-five. I'm fifty-four, and (according to the advertising and marketing industry) I haven't brushed my teeth, bought laundry soap, purchased a shirt, or taken a shower in almost twenty years. And as far as big ticket items - well, those rabbit ears work just fine on my 13-inch black & white T.V. They just need a nudge and a jiggle every now and then, that's all. And if a new needle is needed for my phonograph, I just get in my '73 Pinto and head over to the Goodwill and, when no one's looking, twist one off of a dusty old turntable and put it in my pocket...

Also check out Gill's excellent article, Why Advertisers Keep on Missing Our Target Market.

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