01 February 2009

Study shows love improves with age

No big surprise to me – or to most people on the sweet side of fifty:

amandabarusch Professor Amanda Barusch, who teaches social work and community development, found the people she surveyed "consistently reported that love improved with age," the Salt Lake City Tribune reported.

The article:

slct U. researcher says love grows sweeter with time
As for the sex, it's more fun, relaxed and low-pressure. The older the instrument, as they say, the sweeter the music. On the other hand, maybe you and your partner don't miss particular acts of intimacy at all. Why not explore love's selfless side rather than just physical thrills?

It’s all in a book published by Oxford University Press:

oxford Love Stories of Later Life
A Narrative Approach to Understanding Romance
Amanda Smith Barusch
lsll "This book dispels any notion that only young people enjoy romance. In a fun and engaging read, Barusch weaves cases with the most cutting-edge academic information on love in a thrilling tale about how love changes with age. The book is potentially transformative, as Barusch uncovers how in many respects the best is yet to come. Although the content appeals to a broad audience and includes experiential exercises to enhance readers' awareness about their own experiences, scholars and practitioners from all health professions should read this book."--Virginia Richardson, Professor, The Ohio State University College of Social Work

What’s amusing about the press coverage: anybody over fifty is automatically a Baby Boomer …

An Otago University professor investigating love and romance among baby boomers aged over 50 says her initial scepticism turned to fascination … she found a wide range of romantic experience when she interviewed 91 people aged 51 to 97 …

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