07 February 2009

The New Old Redux

It was blogged last week – and now I’ve read The New Old: How the Boomers Are Changing Everything ... Again:

newoldbookThe book is … backed up with solid statistical support, but it is not primarily about numbers – it’s about people. It’s about new ground being broken, new ways of thinking, new kinds of social and work relationships, new products that can reduce or even eliminate the effects of aging. It (offers) a sneak preview of an entirely new society that is coming…

The book (lays out) specific strategies organizations must follow to take advantage of the opportunities – and avoid being rendered irrelevant and uncompetitive in the new order.

The author:

davidcravit5 David Cravit has over 30 years’ experience in advertising, marketing, and consulting in both Canada and the USA. He has participated at the most senior levels in the creation and placement of over $5 billion worth of media advertising.  Mr. Cravit is Senior Vice President of ZoomerMedia.

And he’s a good writer and I’m a sucker for good writing.

zoomermedia Immersing myself in The New Old was like hanging out with business friends. While the glue for gab is usually marketing and advertising, we often chat about everything else: politics, psychology, art, creativity, family, sex, money, religion - and why we feel so weird being the ages we are. We’re sort of old but don’t feel old. And we don’t feel young, really. What is all this? We’re supposed to be winding down, yet we’re winding up. Aches and pains and lately the economy might give us pause – but they’re not stopping us. We’re frazzled, not fizzled. That’s what The New Old is all about.

zoomerDavid tells some funny stories. One has to do with Zoomers trading experiences with Expedia, Travelocity, etc. It’s a down-to-earth anecdote that mirrors a section in my book about a lame commercial:


In the final chapter Mr. Cravit has fashioned Ten Commandments for advertising/marketing to Boomers/Zoomers. I could list them here – but his savvy elucidations of each commandment are what makes them sizzle.

Read Brent Green’s review of The New Old.

The New Old on Amazon.com (United States)

The New Old on Amazon.ca (Canada)

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