07 August 2007

Jeep Heritage Spot

This Zelig-inspired spot from Jeep is getting some virtual press:

It's fun to watch - but the soundtrack turns it into much less than what it could have been. Why use a pop song from the early Seventies? For some, it will bring back wistful memories and detract from the commercial. Others will say to themselves, "Please don't make me hear that song again …" Younger or older (than Baby Boomers) may never have heard the song - and it will mean nothing to them. The recording certainly has zero to do with the commercial. It was simply slapped under it for no reason whatsoever.

This could have been a classy spot, with classy music. Maybe a Danny Elfman-esque score (or even getting Danny Elfman to compose it). Or maybe they could've used a standard song with a new recording/arrangement, changing musical styles with each era. Something original.

Something like this:

The original soundtrack was rerecorded and became a popular tune on the radio during and after the commercial's run - extending and reinforcing the campaign and brand.

Do you really want me to think of Jeep as some sleepy, old, moldy sports vehicle? The visuals say no, the soundtrack says yes.


  1. I agree. The Zelig-like Jeep showing up everywhere is cool, but the song stinks.

  2. If you've read any of the print ads in this campaign, you'll know that the writing stinks, too. It's very stiff and clunky. Embarassingly so, for the large amount of copy in the ads.

    So they're two-for-two on semi-style over substance.

    Perhaps things would improve if they hired some employees whose cultural frame of reference and skill set pre-dated the XBOX?


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