20 August 2007

The Silver Market Phenomenon

I've just finished a chapter for a book due out in early 2008. It's a project spearheaded by Dr. Florian Kohlbacher of The German Institute for Japanese Studies and Dr. Cornelius Herstatt of The Institute for Technology and Innovation Management at the Hamburg University of Technology titled The Silver Market Phenomenon: Business Opportunities in an Era of Demographic Change. Springer Press is the publisher.

This will undoubtedly be the most varied resource of global marketing information and techniques for targeting the 50+ demographic. At least twenty-five (probably more) professionals from around the world will be contributing.

My prediction: The Silver Market Phenomenon will be the perfect companion for Dick Stroud's influential The 50-Plus Market. (And the rumor mills are buzzing with word that Mr. Stroud may be a contributor.)

That's all I know for now. Stay tuned.

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