02 August 2007

Booming Business

This is quite the colorful page:
Trendwatching.com is an independent and opinionated consumer trends firm, relying on a global network of 8,000 spotters, working hard to deliver inspiration and pangs of anxiety to business professionals in 120+ countries worldwide.
Fun reading, great pics.

Apparently, trendwatching.com has selected everything on this page as "FOREVER TRENDS". They also say that their site is "opinionated" - which is great. So's mine. My opinion is that some of these trends won't be around forever. Like this trend. And here's a trend I certainly hope will happen.

I do agree with one opinion of theirs (other sections of their website/report have to do with women and gays):
"… we assume you understand that to succeed, your team will have to include a number of women, boomers or gays."
That's what I've been saying for the last five years. So far, I don't see it being much of a 'trend'. Too bad.

Dick Stroud has a post you should check out about trendwatching.com. I likewise chuckled at trendwatching.com's caption. It reminds me of this post of mine. Obviously, Reinier Evers has a good sense of humor.

I have no connection to trendwatching.com, know nothing about their $500 report.

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