22 August 2007

Boomers Opt To Keep It Real

Here's a piece by David Graham of The Toronto Star that mirrors a lot of what I tell clients:
Boomers come of age and opt to keep it real
Fad diets are for losers. Bulging biceps are passé. And cosmetic surgery just doesn't cut it anymore … As (Baby Boomers) prepare for retirement, they are quietly reflecting on their obsessive struggles to stay young. And after decades of marathon workouts, killer diets and extreme makeovers, boomers are realizing - it's a sucker's game.
I've bloviated about this before. Many times. And there's a huge chunk about it in a chapter of my book. Here's a bit of it:

And this doesn't surprise me:
What's more, trend watchers are predicting this relaxed attitude among boomers is infecting younger generations … This new common sense revolution is extolling the aging process as a good thing, wrinkles and all.
Good to know that most Boomers would rather spend their time and money so they can feel, look, and be healthy - instead of self-consciously walking around like pod people wrapped in cellophane.

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