10 August 2007

Boomer Business Conferences in September 2007

September seems to be the time for conferences – certainly ones focusing on the 50+ Market. It’s a bottleneck.

Here’s one in Hong Kong, September 19th-21: Baby Boomers Asia 2007 (PDF)

Dick Stroud and Kevin Lavery will be featured speakers. I was invited to be a featured speaker, but …

Then there’s The Boomers Business Conference in Chicago, September 17-19:
Health & healthcare concerns are shaping Boomers purchase decisions about more than just healthcare; it's financial services, retirement, nutrition, housing and travel and leisure and much more...
Mary Furlong, Brent Green, Richard Adler and a few other folks I know will be speaking. I was invited to speak, but …

And don’t forget The 2007 Cascade Conference on Successful Aging in bounteously beautiful Bend, Oregon. I was invited to speak, but …

Instead I’m leaving Friday, September 14th for a European Business Speaking Tour sponsored by Plus Magazine, Bayard Press, and Roularta Media. Ten days, seven cities:
Stockholm: Monday, September 17
Oslo: Tuesday, September 18
Brussels: Wednesday, September 19
Utrecht (Netherlands): September 20
Munich: September 21
A free weekend in Paris, then …
Paris: September 24
Madrid: September 25
I believe some, most, or all of the engagements are open to the public. Here’s info on the Brussels Conference to give you an idea of what they’re about. Brent Green will be in Chicago, missing Stockholm and Oslo - then meet us in Brussels, continuing on to the other cities. More on all of this later.

And afterwards, a side trip to London for 2½ days. If anybody over there wants to take me and my more-significant-than-I-am other to lunch or dinner or for a warm beer — or let us stay with them and sleep on their couch because hotels are about $800 a night (I'll toss sixpence on the table when we leave) — email me. Better still, if you’re a business and would like me to speak for an hour or two on Wednesday or Thursday …

Hong Kong, Chicago, Bend. They’ll have to wait until next year.

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