14 August 2007

Someone You Should Check Out: Anna D. Banks

I keep bumping into Anna D. Banks as I slog through the virtual ether. Whoever she is, she's always making a lot of sense. And sense of the best kind: intelligent, common sense.

I've bookmarked a half-dozen of her articles, and tried to figure ways to cite her in posts - but nothing ever quite fits.

So I'll simply point you to her stuff.

Here's a good one about Boomers entering the Public Relations field (or they should be):
Baby Boomers make seasoned PRO's

Over the past few years, the public relations industry foundation has been cracked by standards that are less than your archetypal ones .... Unfortunately, these old school practices are so deep-rooted in the PR industry's culture and its antiquated business model that they are difficult to get rid off. So it seems.

But, what if there was a new public relations game? A game as next-generation as the XBOX culture and as stealthy as the Air Force technology? Consider this - baby boomers as seasoned public relations professionals …
It mirrors what I've been saying for years about hiring 'new older blood' - creative, energetic people over fifty who've never been in advertising.

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  1. Chuck, I've just found your site and I'm excited and gratified to see such a clear, precise platform showing the business world what they are missing. There's another aspect to bringing Boomers back into high-energy business positions -- the effect it has on the brain of the Boomer! Entering the work force in public relations or advertising means staying up to date with popular culture and challenging the brain to ever greater creativity. These are tremendous boosts to brain health and will ultimately give our whole culture the gift of lucid longevity as opposed to the brain-wasting idle retirement so many people have given in to. Thank you for doing what you do. I'm recommending your site to all my associates.
    Suzanna Stinnett
    The Brain Whisperers
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