19 June 2007

Dennis Hopper for Ameriprise

The generally funny and always nutty Radar Online has a piece by Jessica Grose about Dennis Hopper and Ameriprise. A bunch of 'young whippersnappers' weigh in:
"At 71, Hopper looks great and is the right age to be offering advice about retirement planning. But baby boomers who remember this easy rider as a bad drunk and a serious drug abuser may laugh their way through the commercial. If not bingo, Dennis, what? Spin the bong? If not shuffleboard, dropping acid? A gong for miscasting." — Jack Mathews, New York Daily News
While there are strong whiffs of ageism in most of their comments (I certainly don't remember being such a jerk when I was their age ...), I generally agree with them - and Radar's Final Verdict. But for different reasons.

I really have nothing to add. The new campaign is simply a continuation of the old one. I've already said enough about it.

Maybe too much

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