28 September 2006

Jeff, Chuck, BusinessWeek an' The Broads

Last Sunday I was a guest on a fun Boston radio show, Boomer Broads with Attitude, hosted by Anne-Marie Aigner and Janet Prensky:
We are two women…both boomers…both with enough attitude to pass around! We have been called sassy, brassy, frank and some things we can't print! But never boring. Life is too short for boring! And, about the title: "Boomer BROADS" - we know some won't like it. Call yourselves what you want-we like the word "broads". We're proud to be broads!
Also on the show was Jeff Taylor of Eons.

The next day a BusinessWeek article by Olga Kharif was nailed to the ether:
Only a few smart Internet sites have figured out how to appeal to a large constituency with time to spend and money to burn … GrowingBolder, some of whose programming already appears on a local Clear Channel (CCU) radio station, also plans to offer video profiles of boomer role models, says Marc Middleton, CEO of Boomer Broadcasting, which produces GrowingBolder.com.
I'm quoted in the article. So is Jeff Taylor of Eons.

Mr. Taylor seems to be following me around. Well, just like with Oprah - I'm the selfless sort. If Jeff's name cozying up to mine will give a boost to his project, I'm glad to help...


  1. I liked your quote in the BusinessWeekOnline aricle about many sites (and blogs) struggling with their identities.

    That describes my blog, as my latest blog post is about the Fed Chairman's speech today on the future Baby Boomer pain. I'm sure you've read about it, but in case not here's my post entitled: "Bernanke - Baby Boomer Strain Means Pain"


  2. Thanks for the comment, Bill.

    Let me liven up that link to the post in your blog:



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