17 September 2006

The Very Unsecretive Forth and Towne

Here's a link to a blog posting of mine from over a year ago:
Oh ...... great idea! Just ignore the largest, richest demographic — a generation very much accustomed to being advertised to (and not particularly happy that they're off the radar nowadays) — and one that has always responded well to intelligent, informative advertising ... Just hope that they pop in...
Here's a news story on fibre2fashion.com:
All set for Gap Inc media blitz for its Forth & Towne apparel brand
The sophisticated, visually arresting campaign was shot by renowned fashion photographer Michael Thompson and features stylized images of iconic models Beri Smither, Tatjana Patitz, Karen Alexander, Danielle Zinaich Strahl and Lisa Taylor with taglines such as "Go Forth and Be Chic" and "Speak Softly and Carry a Big Purse."
Hmmm. Like I said in another post about another industry:
Think of me as some brilliant seer.
A visionary.
Or just some slob with a bit of common sense.
Take your pick. I'll be happy with any of these labels.
Much thanks to Dick Stroud (another brilliant seer or just some slob with a bit of common sense, take your pick) for bringing this to my attention. Read what he has to say about Forth & Towne.

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