14 September 2006


Here is a collection of copy from six web sites targeting 50+ (always accompanied by stock images of smiling, vapid, mindless Baby Boomers – usually in the ocean or on beaches):
Redefining Life After Fifty!

Don't Just Live Longer. Live Bigger. After 50 Life Becomes Yours.

Our mission is to inform and inspire the Boomers and to promote a new vision of life after fifty.

Our mission is to encourage our readers to live bigger. To take risks and pursue their dreams.

Our vision … is to rewrite the rules of getting older and transform the voice of aging from one of limitation to one of possibility.

***** is a media company focused on empowering individuals to live the lives they imagine.

Now we have a brand new site with smiling, vapid, mindless Baby Boomers in the ocean — along with empty-headed aspirational messages, small wishy-washy fonts, and headache-inducing copy over graphics:

You've had one "prime of life". Now, as an active Boomer, you're ready for your "Second Prime!"
…. I'm getting sleepy…. WAIT! DON'T LET ME FALL ASLEEP! PLEASE! I'LL TURN INTO ONE OF THEM! DON'T let meeeeee…...


Added 19 Sept 06: Now here is a conundrum for you

Update August 2009: A post about a recent news item


  1. "Pod People" is an accurate term. Yuck!

  2. When I saw this site, my reaction was just as strong as yours in precisely the same direction. It's just plain awful...


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