05 October 2006


LifeTwo is a rambunctious online magazine. Along with original pieces, it does a great job of collecting links to eclectic articles and blogs - and commenting on them. You can also contribute articles - or at least have them considered.

The content is a bit overwhelming when you first arrive. (When did you ever hear me complain about that? Never.) And the fonts might need to be bumped up a tad.

LifeTwo is the brainchild of two gents who seem to be having a pretty good time with their lives:
Oh yeah. We are Wesley Hein and Greg Yorke. We have been involved in building online and media companies for many years.
Here's what intrepid investigative Woodward-has-nothing-on-me reporter Chuck has found out:
Wesley Hein
Founder or co-founder of numerous venture back organizations and consultant to others. Co-founder & president of Enigma Records (acquired by EMI), EVP Hollywood Records (Walt Disney Company), co-founder Cinebase Software (acquired by Corbis), CEO LogicTier, co-founder Enigma Digital (acquired by Clear Channel Communications), and principal of Enigma2 Consulting (with clients in cable television, entertainment industry print design, and web 2.0 community development).

Greg Yorke
Current: CFO at Blackbelt TV
Past: CFO at Toonacious Family Entertainment
VP Finance at Clear Channel Interactive/Enigma Digital
VP Finance at Synctrix
For two 3.0 hi-tech biz whizzes (so much so that I couldn't figure out how to download or link to their logo for this posting), their business plan is an enigma - at least to me. But what do I know? They're obviously hyped-up and ready to take on all challengers.

It's good to see a new web site for Baby Boomers that is lighter on the aspiration and heavier on the content. The right mix. And no smiling, vapid Baby Boomers on the beach. It gets an A+ for that.

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