11 October 2006

Not Getting Older, Just More Scrutinized

Here's a bland, generic piece in the New York Times about marketing/advertising to Baby Boomers.

Except for one excellent insight:
They have no use for nostalgia, yet they relate wonderfully to the icons of their past. Marketers say, for example, that Aleve hit a home run when it showed Leonard Nimoy, Mr. Spock of Star Trek, having trouble making the "Live Long and Prosper" sign with arthritic hands. Why? "It wasn't a trip down nostalgia lane," Mr. (Matt) Thornhill said. "It was using a boomer icon talking about a present and future problem."
Blogging is on hold for awhile. I'm off to a private consulting/speaking assignment in Delaware, a guest talking-head gig for a History Channel special about Baby Boomers, and a speaking slot at the Beyond The Boomers Conference in Chicago on October 20th.

It's probably too late to make plans if you're not in the Chicago area - but if you are, think about attending. There are a few tickets left. Matt Thornhill (quoted above) will be speaking - along with Mike Irwin of Focalyst, Christine Crosby of Grand Magazine, and others. And there will be an surprise appearance by a top international 50+ marketing/advertising executive. He's a paid attendee (coming all the way from England) and not officially on the program, so I can't mention his name - but I'm giving him ten minutes of my speaking time, and he'll probably be on the day-end panel.

Back in a few weeks...


  1. Have fun out there at all those boomer events! Bring back some great ways to get boomers to spend all their hard-earned dough on stuff they don't need. JUST KIDDING.

  2. Oh, Rhea. You're not kidding. Don't kid me!

    Go bug those Boomer Broads with Attitude. Call in to their show.. They both went to Emerson - AND they're in marketing....


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