13 June 2013

Are you model material?

From Rebecca Nappi of The Spokesman Review:

Are you model material?
Advertisers see growing markets for boomers in fashion, acting
http://media.spokesman.com/staff_images/Nappi_Rebecca_r80x80.JPG?9470e0a51135df62389d7cc57afe11bc24bbb0d4… Boomer age men and women will be in greater demand in the next few years as models and actors in TV commercials, as companies finally wake up to the fact that boomers have some money to spend, a lot more, in fact, than the 20-something folks advertisers are so hot after.

I’ve been bellowing about this for years:

08 February 2007
Best Commercial Not On The Superbowl

02 July 2008
Demand for older models grows

09 January 2009
Chico’s and Younger Women
… Colleague and intrepid blogger/marketer Brent Green recently posted about Chico’s and their catalog.

17 February 2009
The list goes on and on…
Lina Ko of Boomerwatch.ca rounds up examples of mature women in campaigns.

27 May 2009
The Forgotten Market Online
Christina Binkley of The Wall Street Journal is all over the paucity of online shopping for 35+ (that’s age, not size) apparel for women.

Sounds great. But what concerns me: Advertisers might think that simply throwing in Boomer models will sell a product or service to Boomers. 

More important than merely models:

05 November 2006
Ignore the Research and Trust Your Gut
… It wouldn't be too bright to trust my gut to come up with a campaign for a product aimed at twentysomethings. My gut would tell me, "… Ummm ... ummm ... Wait! I got it! We get some twentysomething girl an' spike her hair an' give'er tattoos and a nose ring an' put an iPod on her head an' bed some hip-hop music an' have her hold up the toothpaste! Yeah! They'll buy it! They'll buy it!"

And this:

16 September 2009
Boomer Backlash II
…It’s going to be up to companies to be proactive when dealing with advertising agencies. Quality control of your product doesn’t stop at the entrances of Madison Avenue’s finest, or at the doors of small local or regional advertising agencies. If companies put pressure on agencies, and demand 45-plus creatives for products aimed at the 45-plus market, then they will find out that Baby Boomers are still “the single most vibrant and exciting consumer group in the world.”