20 June 2013

Windows 8 Redux

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_n77PqIjyySk/SDF9Mn27iNI/AAAAAAAABQg/IgYzL2mXEGw/s200/crystal_ball_2.jpgNostraChuckus, Renowned Seer of The Mundane and The Obvious, has startled the world again with his pedestrian prognostications:

01 January 2013
Windows 8
… Win 8 phones, tablets, and desktops are potent technologies for Baby Boomers, but you’d never know it by the ads and commercials.  The products are positioned as toys, not elegant and productive tools:

Win 8

Microsoft would be wise to fashion some advertising  for Boomers and older (and that tiny niche market known as the business industry).  Less flash, more substance.

Three months later:

Win 8
Less talk, more doing

Now is the time for business to get onboard.