31 October 2012

NostraChuckus Predicts The Future Again: Crest 50+ Toothpaste

Famed Soothsayer and advertising gadfly NostraChuckus has been startling the world for years with his mundane prognostications.

Culled from a 2005 book review in The Journal of Consumer Marketing:image

One more quote from the book ©2005:

Here’s an alternative universe you might consider:

CVRComp“Hmmm. What’s this toothpaste? I think I’ve heard about it. Saw a commercial, read an ad about it. The person in the ad was around my age. She talked a bit about dental care, a bit about gums, about teeth, how to keep them healthy and strong. She had a nice smile, but not one that blinded me, sending me stumbling, feeling my way to the bathroom for the Visine. And the box doesn’t look like it’s an ornament for a science fiction Christmas tree. Maybe I’ll buy it.”

Seven years later (isn’t ‘seven’ some sort of magikal number?), a toothpaste company finally pays attention to NostraChuckus’ pesky presaging:

Crest 50+

Not the greatest spot, a bit hokey, perhaps a bit patronizing, perhaps the product is awkwardly positioned - however, all the  key selling points are there. 

Enough of NostraChuckus and his Crystal Ball of Common Sense

imageBut … if this ad campaign had been produced  years ago, Crest would now be way ahead of the game.