16 October 2012

Global Diversity

I received an email the other day – actually a group email from a marketing company in another part of the world:


We have recently refreshed our website and loaded some detailed analytics reporting, especially around our downloads and referral sources.

We have added links to your sites as part of our ‘global family’. I would be grateful if you could do the same on your website.

I also refreshed my website recently and forgot to include links to global alliances. That was fixed fast. Glad someone reminded me.

Our alliances are loose, unofficial – but we all share common goals.  If you’re involved in advertising and marketing to baby boomers and older, check out the links below.  It’s fascinating to find out what professionals around the world are up to:

imageEvergreen Advertising
A communications agency specialising in advertising and marketing to Seniors and Boomers. (Australia)

imageSilver Group
Our purpose is to help business and government benefit from the unprecedented global growth of the 50+ population. (Asia)

20plus30 is a consultancy that advises companies about all aspects of marketing to the 50-plus. (UK)

http://www.owlmarketingsolutions.com/wp-content/themes/owl/images/logo.gifOwl Marketing
We offer experience and enthusiasm. Collectively, we have the wisdom of many years in the corporate and agency world. (UK)

Fifty Agency knows the language of 50+. We know the media behavior of 50+. Both online and offline. (The Netherlands)