28 March 2012

Leafing Through The Ether

I try to spend an hour or so a week leafing through the ether in search of something new to write about. I’m rarely successful. Everything is a rehash, and I end up rehashing the hash. Of course, the rehashers have no idea they’re rehashing.


Retire? No thanks, say these baby boomers
image… "I will never retire," he said. "So much of yourself is built around what you do everyday. There is a loss if you aren't doing it."

Over the next decade, an estimated 2.5 million baby boomers in Georgia will move toward retirement. But for the generation born between 1946 and 1964, the notion of retirement has changed.

The Unretiring Kind: Boomers Gear Up for Second Careers
Boomers have never left the stage. Their second acts include starting their own companies, buying franchises and reinventing careers.

Sounds familiar:

May 2006
My Warm Milk and Nap
"Money is not the sole motivating factor behind Baby Boomers working into retirement. They instead see work as a way to stay challenged and mentally active and sustain a link to the community they have been a part of for most of their lives…"

17 August 2007
Time to Retire the 'R' Word
We're not 'looking forward to retirement,' we're looking forward to new lives, new challenges. Only a small percentage will opt for pure retirement. (I predict that in twenty years the word 'retirement' will still be in dictionaries, but followed by the modifier archaic.)

And you might check this out.

School Daze:

Baby boomers bring new meaning to the term lifelong learner
Not all older students are returning to higher education for career retraining. Many are attending universities for pleasure or personal fulfillment.

Sounds familiar:

07 November 2005
imageBaby Boomers, Adult Communities, and Education
I did a conference call consult recently with a couple of on-the-ball entrepreneurs. The product/service targets Baby Boomers and their interest in continuing education…

Green Boomers:

Study: Baby Boomers Believe in Sustainable Principles (and Will Pay for Them)
In assessing whether the consumer would pay more for green, sustainable practices, we found a majority of respondents in the Boomer study indicated they would spend a little more for a healthier green home, with the average willing to pay 7 percent more for their purchase.

Sounds familiar:

image17 February 2011
Green Boomers Redux
It really won’t be too big a job convincing most Baby Boomers to think green – or at the very least consider green/greener products.

Maybe next week I’ll be a better googler, unethering something new and exciting.