26 May 2006

My Warm Milk and Nap

My thanks to the staff of Axcess News for this inspiring piece about Baby Boomers:
Baby boomers are a generation like no other. Socially conscious, revolutionary and taboo-shattering, these Americans continue to challenge the status quo, even as the first wave enters their "golden years." The Boomer legacy will leave behind a distinct set of values, but most notably inspiring, inviting, informing and spirited lives. For them and generations to follow, a new life begins at 50. Boomers are showing America how to live without restraints, armed with the confidence to look into the future and to continue building fulfilling lives.
NBC4.com (District of Columbia) has a revealing piece about what Baby Boomers plan on doing with the rest of their lives:
"Our studies show that one in four boomers indicated that they want to do something completely different," she (Emily Allen, AARP) said. "We're certainly seeing trends, particularly as we begin to look at different industries. We are seeing people are taking a look at kind of nontraditional industries, such as the transportation industry, changing from the corporate world in to a nonprofit world, going from corporate world in to education."
Another survey reveals Baby Boomers are planning to live, not retire:
"Money is not the sole motivating factor behind Baby Boomers working into retirement. They instead see work as a way to stay challenged and mentally active and sustain a link to the community they have been a part of for most of their lives…"
Leading the way are Boomer women - this according to recent research by AARP:
Many of those interviewed for this study say growing older is not only better than expected, but can be a positive time of life with new rewards. They report being happier now, experiencing freedom to be themselves, pursue dreams and do things they have always wanted to do.
As far as doing fun things, here are a couple of Baby Boomers having blasts with their podcasts:
Geezer Radio is a one-hour weekly show featuring news, banter, interviews, and bits with a humorous bite.
I'm getting tired just reading about all this stuff. So media and advertisers, please go away. Don't bother me. Time for my warm milk and nap.


  1. Your post sites an AARP study that shows that women who want to do the things they want to do and generally enjoy life in later years.

    I went on a 22-mile bike ride today. It was a drizzly Boston Sunday. Of the dozen people who showed up, 7 were women in their forties, fifties, and one, I would guess, sixties. It was astounding.

    By the way, I like your site.

  2. Oh how I believe it, Rhea. And it's great to see - and hear about. Here's another article of interest:

    Boomer Beauties Get Some New Face Time


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