12 March 2012

Digital Distractions II

I wasn’t planning on doing a Digital Distractions II – but there are so many digital distractions that it’s difficult to be distracted. 

Bob Hoffman aka The Ad Contrarian continues not to distract me. Two recent posts:

imageFacebook is like the telephone. It's great for chatting, but not terribly good for selling.

One of the most remarkable things about it is the blind faith that marketers continue to have in it despite its questionable record as a marketing vehicle.

That’s because only 0.051% are distracted.  The rest aren’t distracted.  They refuse to engage!!!  How selfish of them.

More from The Ad Contrarian:

Interactivity: Get Over It
imageIt turns out that people on line react to ads the same way people off line react to them -- mostly they ignore them. And when they do bother to read them, they overwhelmingly do not interact with them … While people are interactivatin' like crazy with each other, interactivity with ads is miniscule. Bastards.

Those are strong words.  I merely said that they were selfish.  Bob The Big Bully.

Another piece that didn’t distract me:

Twitter & Facebook share a problem: Proving social ads work
By Mathew Ingram
The point is that Facebook is a social medium, not an advertising one … You interrupt social conversations with commercial messages at your peril.

I hope this will be the last time for awhile where I won’t be distracted by digital distractions.