25 June 2010

Nielsen Three Screen Report

The Ad Contrarian tipped me off to this one.

Nielsen Three Screen Report
image Nielsen’s first quarter Three Screen Report – a regular analysis of video viewing and related consumer behavior in the U.S. – reveals that Americans continue to view video at a record pace.

Each week, the typical American continues to increase his/her media time, watching over 35 hours of TV, 2 hours of which is timeshifted TV, 20 minutes of online video and 4 minutes of mobile video, while also spending nearly 4 hours on the Internet.

Reminds me of a recent post: Spending goes where the eyeballs are.

And there was a big dive into the Kool-Aid (I mean, Cola) this week:

Coke gets 85 million ad views in 24 hours.

Well, that’s great. The second sponsored ad on Twitter.  A novelty.  A 6% click rate. Compared to the usual 0.02% for old-hat online ads. (Why can’t marketers get with it? Banner ads? They’re so yesterday.)

I can’t wait for tomorrow when my whole Twitter page will be filled with sponsored tweets. I’ll click all of’em, all the time.

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