04 April 2006


Read this piece by Abbey Klaassen before it vanishes into the ether:

TV LAND Suggests Ignoring Boomers is Billion-Dollar Mistake:

The Nielsen Media Research demos that media buyers and marketers use to bet billions of TV dollars aren’t in line with market forces, well-known demographer Ken Dychtwald told a roomful of media buyers and marketers at midtown Manhattan’s Cipriani restaurant this morning. Instead of the in demand demo of 18- to 34-year-olds, marketers should target the 40-to-60 set.

According to network executives, about 70% of its audience is within the boomer demo. “If you did an intersection of boomers, ages 40 to 60, and then 25-54, our sweet spot is the intersection of those groups,” said Karen Bressner, senior VP-ad sales for the cable network.

Kudos to Ken Dychtwald and TV LAND.

But television execs and media planners have been told this before. And I'll probably tell them again. And Jon Currie will tell them again. And again.

That's why I've started going to advertisers with my book, my consulting and speaking - ignoring the media industry, the advertising/marketing agencies. Companies with products/services want to move their offerings. When they start putting pressure on the media to create shows and on advertising agencies to create ads for the 40+ demographic, that's when the revolution will happen.

“We’ve done focus groups with this demo who say they turn on the TV and there are 500 channels and they can’t find anything to watch,” he (Dychtwald) said. “They start to feel annoyed, like media has blatantly disregarded them.”

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