22 April 2006

Eons and Eons

There's now more going on over at Jeff Taylor's Eons. And here's a new press release:
Eons Invites a 50+ Generation of Boomers and Seniors to Be Proud, Be Loud About Their Age
I'm not sure I need to be proud and loud about my age. I'm perfectly happy with it, minus some aches and pains.

Let me think about this…

I should be proud that I've yet to get a fatal disease or die in an accident? (I guess all the Baby Boomers who've croaked should be ashamed of themselves.)

I hope I can dredge up a few things a bit more worthy to be proud of. If I can't, I'm in big trouble. (And if I start screaming from rooftops about being proud about simply being alive, please lure me down -- and lock me in my room until this psychotic episode is over.)

And there's a contest:
Eons Launches the "How Old Are You?" Challenge to Push Past Social Taboos, to Inspire People to Pursue Their Dreams
Well, that certainly sounds nice. But what are these dreams? Or at least what are the ones the web site and Mr. Taylor (in the press release) find to be worthwhile accomplishments and goals?

Investing in a village and renovating a floating classroom sound pretty good to me. And there's nothing wrong with doing other, more fun things.

The problem is that I'd have a hard time feeling 'proud' that I sailed on the QE2 or bought a villa in Spain. I might enjoy them a lot - and there's nothing wrong with that. If you have the money, great.

However, these types of activities and purchases are nothing new, nothing particularly inspiring, nothing that uniquely defines this generation, or redefines the ages we are. If you need to be 'inspired' to book a cabin on a cruise ship, are 'proud' that you did, and feel the need to be 'loud' about it — get thee to a therapist. Fast.

And Baby Boomers certainly don't need any help pushing past social taboos. For better or for worse, it's a big part of what we've been doing for the last four and a half decades. We won't be stopping anytime soon. No motivation required.

Maybe it's those 'seniors' who need help. But I'm not so sure. They seem to be pretty motivated, don't need a 'push.' Some might.

Jeff Taylor is an interesting, nutty, very bright fellow. Monster.com is a wonderful, helpful mega-monster.

Eons has lots of potential. I just wonder if they should skew it more towards altruistic pursuits, especially since one of their key branding concepts is 'Proud.' At the moment (or at least after snooping around the site and reading the press release), it seems as if it's mostly fun and games and contests - with a few serious pursuits thrown in.

That's how I would advise him. A less cheesy approach.

Maybe make it a big, splashy, commercial Civic Ventures.

(I'll be hopping off the blogging bandwagon for a week or so. Will be in Phoenix for a presentation at The National Association of Homebuilders Building for Boomers and Beyond Symposium.)

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