18 April 2006

Growing Bolder

Thanks to Matt Thornhill's Boomer Project newsletter for turning me on to this crazy place, Growing Bolder:
We're in uncharted territory. All of the stereotypes of aging are being smashed. There's a new stage in the human lifecycle and it holds more promise than any other. Anything is possible.
I guess it's a web site, a radio show, a place to hang out and post discussions - and who knows what else. They don't even know yet.

What's refreshing is that this isn't some cookie-cutter site with boring Baby Boomers in sweat suits, blandly smiling like pod people. Everyone seems to be having a blast over at Growing Bolder.

I'm checking in every week to see what they're up to.

A press release about it:

Marc Middleton, founder of Boomer Broadcasting Inc. has launched a network targeting America's fastest growing and most powerful demographic. The Active Aging Network consists of GrowingBolder.com - a multimedia website, The Growing Bolder Radio Show and the Growing Bolder Newspaper Column.

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