11 July 2005

"They're all about hip, cool, retro-looking things."

The headline for the AP/Business Week article by Dee-Ann Durbin reads: Analysts question Iacocca in Chrysler ads

Apparently, these analysts are worried that Lee Iacocca hawking Chryslers might turn off Gen X and younger buyers, who like 'retro-looking things.'

Yes, they do. Recently, I was in a living room with a few people. Two were very fashion-conscious teenage girls - both wearing faded bell-bottom jeans with large rips in them. I thought I was hallucinating, having some sort of flashback. Then I realized that the last time I was in a room with two teenage girls wearing ripped bell-bottoms, I probably was hallucinating - but I knew the pants were real.

I can't comment on the Chrysler ads because I've yet to see them. Bringing back Lee Iacocca doesn't sound like such a bad idea. Boomers and folks a bit older (major new-car buyers) remember him. He was quite a character, and still is.

For these spots, Chrysler is teaming him with Jason Alexander. This seems odd. While Mr. Alexander is a fine actor with good range - he's primarily known as an everyman's loudmouth. So is Iacocca.

Or maybe that's the point. Two Joe-Blow loudmouths: one old, one middle-aged.

If I were directing, I'd put them in faded ripped bell-bottoms.


  1. Chuck,

    I did see one of the Iacocca ads, and he sure looks old! As a baby boomer, even I felt too young for his pitch. He's definitely more appealing to the geriatric set, for sure (e.g., when AARP Journal was still called Modern Maturity).


  2. saw one. Lame bantering between Iacocca & Alexander -- the former leafing through a newspaper. Not much about the product.

    Oddly enough, it seemed to me that Iacocca was comfortable in the spot, and Alexander squeamish. Didn't work for me.

    And Baby Boomers aren't that impressed with celebrities hawking goods anyhow...



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