25 July 2005

Booked on The Advertising Show

The Advertising ShowLooks like I'll be the August 7th guest on The Advertising Show, sponsored by Ad Age.

This is a fun, spunky, highly informative two hours of live radio, hosted by ad vets Ray Schilens and Brad Forsythe.

And they're Baby Boomers — so we should have a grand time. I'm very much looking forward to it, keen on finding out what their takes are on advertising to boomers. (Not long ago they began riffing on it, but had to get back to that week's guest.)

Visit the web site. There are dozens of archived shows featuring impressive advertising, marketing, and media pros.

However, I don't think they archive every show - so I'm going to have to do something between now and then to be important enough for archiving. Maybe if I rob a bank, assassinate someone, 'out' a CIA agent, or (this would be my best shot) break up a celebrity marriage, I'll be deemed worthy.

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