25 July 2005

Jean-Paul Tréguer Gets International Ink

Good to see my friend Jean-Paul Tréguer recently profiled by Mary Blume in the International Herald Tribune.

I reviewed his book many moons ago (the first review this side of the pond), and we met and chatted two or three times at The What's Next? Boomers Business Conference in 2004. His was one of the best presentations.

A quote from the article:
"The problem is that ad agencies in general are obsessed by their creative image. Their campaigns are to promote the agency, to make it famous, to win a gold lion at the Cannes advertising festival. We take another direction, which is what the consumers of that generation like to see. They are not looking for a creative image about funerals or humor about incontinence pads. What they are looking for is solutions."
Visit Jean-Paul's Senioragency.

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