18 December 2012

Until next year (if it happens)…

http://assets.nydailynews.com/polopoly_fs/1.1222681.1355850430!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_635/article-china-doomsday-1218.jpgI thought it’d be a smart move to get my last post of the year in before the end of the world in a few days.
Making predictions for 2013 – that’s what everybody’s doing now.  But NostraChuckus has no prophecies.
The Crystal Ball of Common Sense is hazy.   
The Mayans, NostraChuckus unleashes prognostications not limited to calendar years.  Often he foretells decades in advance.
It’s impossible to keep track of the slews of small-to-medium ad agencies opening up specializing (or so they say) in targeting Baby Boomers.  All follow in the shadows  of Yours Truly and others.
Culled from Advertising to Baby Boomers ©2005:
C H A P T E R  T W E N T Y - S I X
The Revolution
CVRCompMy guess is that the revolution will be a quiet one … It won’t be high profile, and most likely you may not hear about it until it’s over. Here’s what will happen.
The Prediction: A Baby Boomer at the helm of a small or medium-sized agency will roll up his or her sleeves, get his or her hands dirty with copy and design (or hire a few of his or her creative buddies from the old days), and fashion a campaign for a general consumer product, with Baby Boomers as the target market…
Small-to-medium-sized advertising and marketing agencies may squirm at first, even kick and scream—but eventually will be co-beneficiaries of this common sense revolution. Some may become the heroes and heroines of this reasoned paradigm.
Last week there was a newspaper piece about advertising and Baby Boomers.  A fellow heading up a small agency was quoted:
*********, who is a boomer, added, “I still have to wake up and brush my teeth, just like a 25-year-old.”
Sounds vaguely familiar.  From a review of Advertising to Baby Boomers (2005):

Until next year (if it happens), NostraChuckus signs off…