12 December 2012

The strongest drive is not sex or greed.

My Xmas Card from British Subject Reg Starkey:


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people-reg-starkeyReg Starkey has been writing copy since the Dead Sea was only poorly.

For the last umpteen years, he has focused primarily on the ‘mature market’ where he perceived the need to fill the yawning gap between technically ‘clever’ advertising and effective communication.

The New Millennium Tales (2012)As sooth is said, eld has great advantage;
In eld is both wisdom and usage;
Men may the old outrun but not outred.
– Geoffrey Chaucer, Canterbury Tales

The New Millennium Tales
This book is ahead of its time in its recognition and understanding of the importance of the mature market. Whilst others waste time obsessing about youth, this collection sheds all the light you need on reaching Baby Boomers.