02 June 2011

This ‘n that, here ‘n there.

Snatches of miscellanea:

imageRetailers Prepare for Aging Baby Boomers
CVS stores offer magnifiers for customers who might have trouble reading the small print on labels.

Or you could simply bump up the typeface on CPGs.  Magnifiers look like a big hassle to me.

Can Turkey Unify the Arabs?
imageEven amid the din of the upheaval in the Arab world, that new sense of belonging represents a more pacific and perhaps more powerful undertow pulling in directions that call into question more parochial notions.

I said something like that not too long ago, sort of:

Turkey: Tiptoeing Across The Bosphorus
While not perfect, while there are political and cultural divisions in Turkey that mirror our own and other countries – the Turkish economic/political model is a valid one for Middle Eastern countries to consider. 

Matt Thornhill has a new Jumpin’ Jack Flash to groove out to.

imageBrent Green interviews Growing Bolder’s Marc Middleton and Bill Shafer on his radio show Generation Reinvention.  Fun.  Even inspirational for an old fuddy-duddy like me.

Almost 60% of Baby Boomers Plan to Buy New Home When They Retire
imageBut downsizing doesn’t have to mean moving to a continuing-care retirement community that includes several decades’ levels of care, from independent living and skilled nursing to Alzheimer’s assistance.

Not that mainstream media and advertisers care:

They watch your shows anyway.
imageAlmost immediately, the gentleman said, “There is no way I could sell this to an advertising agency.  They’re all twentysomethings – and have already told me, ‘Why target people over fifty?  They watch your shows anyway.’”

Two troublemaking pieces I wish I’d written (but I’m too much of a wussy):

imageHating Boomers: America’s Last Acceptable Prejudice
By Leonard Steinhorn

imageHow the 1960s cured America
By Charles Kaiser

And finally, this was no surprise since I’m an expert on the subject:

image@ChuckNyren: Womens Sex Toys (@womens_sextoys) is now following you on Twitter!