22 June 2011

Ford Motor Company: Sounds Familiar, Again & Again


Famed Soothsayer and Advertising Gadfly NostraChuckus has been startling the world for years with his mundane prognostications

Six years ago, in his book and as a guest on a radio show, he looked into his Crystal Ball Of Common Sense and divined the future.  He did it again in 2008:

My point three years ago was that Baby Boomers were buying up those mid-priced boxy cars (even though they were being marketed to college kids and twenty-somethings) because they were easy to get in and out of, easy to see out of, and some had large dashboards that were easy to read. So why not build cars with these and more features for older drivers? And market them as such?

Now Ford is catching on:

Ford Is Improving Tech, Boosting Safety, And...Bolding Fonts?
image… The automaker is adding weight to the text found throughout its interiors, in the hope that drivers will find it easier to read. On average, the company says that fonts on the center stack in new vehicles will be about 40% heavier than they are today…

For the first time ever, the number of Americans age 65 and older is now larger than the number of children five and under. In marketing terms: the Baby Boomers are still booming, and Ford wants to make them feel comfortable behind the wheel.

Not that NostraChuckus believes he’s in the same league as …

The problem with being ahead of your time is that by the time everyone catches up with you, you’re bored.”
- Fran Lebowitz

But we do hope boredom doesn’t set in. When no one listens, NostraChuckus has been known to roll his eyes and bang his turban against the wall…