29 June 2011


Have I picked on AARP through the years?  Yes. Although usually not about all the political stuff.  I stay away from that, leave it to others

Mostly, I’ve commented on their marketing and advertising:

NostraChuckus Predicts The Future of AARP
AARP has been swirling around in his magickal, vaporous orb for nigh onto half a decade. It began as a chapter in his book

But I’ve also said some nice things:

AARP Global Network
Good articles, good news section – all with juicy global perspectives. 

It’s also fun to follow the member links and visit other organizations that cater to and are concerned with aging issues.

So let’s put this post in the ‘nice’ category:

AARP Launches New Innovation@50+ Scholarships for DEMO Conference
New scholarships to help two entrepreneurs pitch the next great idea for Americans 50+ at nation’s premiere start-up launch conference
“We know better than anyone how much talent, knowledge and experience older Americans have to offer,” said Jody Holtzman, AARP Senior Vice President of Thought Leadership.  “We also know that as the youngest boomers approach their own 50th birthdays, there is a huge opportunity for innovators of all ages to meet the needs and wants of Americans as they age.  We’re trying to match the available talent with the abundant opportunity and help create great innovation.”

A Big Break for Boomer Start-Ups
imageThe start-up world may be dominated by 20-somethings—but if you’re a Boomer in the tech space (or a techie in the Boomer space), you could get a chance to pitch your plan or product to more than 200 venture capitalists and reporters. AARP is launching Innovation@50+, a program to give two entrepreneurs scholarships to DEMO, the Silicon Valley tech conference…

This is a great start. But why limit it? Wouldn’t it be smart, somewhere down the line, to broaden this?  Tech and non-tech with smaller events around the country (maybe the world) where AARP brings together Baby Boomer entrepreneurs and Venture/Angel Investors

AARP could become the premier non-retirement organization it’s trying to become anyhow.