07 April 2011

Here’s a big surprise…

Wow.  For 500 bucks you can find out about what I’ve been saying for years:

Will Facebook Ever Drive eCommerce?
imageIn spite of the fact that hundreds of millions of people around the world have Facebook accounts, the ability of the social network to drive revenue for eCommerce businesses continues to remain elusive. eBusiness professionals in retail collectively report little direct or indirect benefit from Facebook, and social networks overall…

A few of my takes:

NostraChuckus, that uncannily somewhat accurate prognosticator who mostly deals with predicting common sense, is at it again:
Social Media/Word-of-mouth advertising/marketing on the web has been a washout…

5 Reasons Why 90% Of Social Media Efforts Fail

Is roiling ether the best place for advertising?

The Real Thing vs. The Virtual Thing

How do we get them there?
Average click-through rate was 0.051 percent in 2010…

My New Year’s Resolution
No more scratching my head and being completely baffled by social media marketing experts telling me that consumers want to talk about products, have online conversations about toilet paper or whatever – and have even more conversations with the manufacturers of products. What an odd, insulated view of advertising and marketing.

It’s certainly nice to see research finally catching up.