05 April 2011

Carnival of Colleagues

Only a few months ago I was highlighting the authoritative work of Dr. Joseph Coughlin and Dick Stroud:

Two Experts, One Superb Article, One Superb Presentation
Each is worth its own post here – but we’re living in an era of austerity, so…

Now they’re at it again (or, they never stopped and I’ve been asleep):

Dick in Dublin
Joe in Cambridge

imageBrent Green keeps us on our toes with eclectic, fascinating guests on Generation Reinvention Radio.  He recently blogged about all episodes so far – so pick one.  Then pick a few more.

And Marc Middleton continues blogging for The Huffington Post.  This one is about marketing and advertising:

imageStalking the Boomer Consumer
If you are trying to market to Baby Boomers as a whole, you are destined for failure. Baby Boomers are not a whole. They are a highly diverse, highly fragmented group of people born between 1946 and 1964.

I’ll have to do something impressive one of these days.