07 February 2011

Super Bowl Ads 2011

No, I won’t be boring everybody with another play-by-play.  Just a few thoughts and reactions.

Sure, the Passat spot was a good one. Everybody’s hyping social media because the spot has gone viralbut why did it?

Not much targeting of Baby Boomers.  Of course, old folks won in the obligatory Butt of Jokes category.  There were a few others with the same tired theme. I’ll spare you.

The Snickers ad was an embarrassment. Tim Hutton starred in the worst spot

I howled once in four hours.  Actually about five times, through the whole spot.  The best part was that you’d have to be over fifty to get it:

House Promo Fox

For those not Chronologically Gifted: 

Super Bowl Ad 1979