15 February 2011

Ageism Across The Pond

Ageism isn’t like tobacco – homegrown only in The Colonies:

BBC Miriam O'Reilly Scandal Sparks Debate On Ageism In TV
imageOne colleague offered her hair dye. Another told her "it's time for botox." A third said her wrinkles could be a problem in this new era of high-definition TV.

Veteran TV presenter Miriam O'Reilly was eventually taken off air, and she decided to fight back…

Might be time for a Revolution

imageGlad they didn’t have HDTV back in the late 18th Century.  Ben F. wouldn’t have been allowed anywhere near a video lens.  And General George in Hi Def?  His handlers would’ve made sure he never smiled.

Abigail Adams? They’d hide her in a closet.