10 February 2011

Green GrandBoomers in Toyland

A few months ago I blogged a MetLife Study:

New Report From MetLife Mature Market Institute
… It is estimated that at least two-thirds of Early Boomers are grandparents and a rising number are responsible for their grandchildren…

… This weekend while at Costco, I caught a grandmother (she shall remain anonymous) sending pictures of dresses to her granddaughter so the child could pick the one she wanted.  Instant virtual shopping... 

imageGrandparents spend an average of $500 a year on each grandchild, collectively $30 billion per year, according to an AARP study…

The other day I read this:

AP Photo/Matthias SchraderGermany sells vision for 'green toys' to world
The Associated Press
"I think that the success of our company, shows that there is clearly a wide segment of the population that will pay a little more for environmentally friendly toys," said von Goeben, whose toys cost roughly a third more than comparable playthings made from conventional materials.

But …

Wild Toys, makers of animal figures and exploration sets, said their experience had shown otherwise … "We are still in that phase on toys that consumers say, 'Yes, we want to be green, but no, we don't want to pay for it."

A few of these Green toy companies might get the smarts – and market their products directly to Baby Boomer grandparents. 

Or will they get the smarts?