13 November 2009

Henry Stewart Talks: Citations

From: A___ 
Sent: Thursday, November 12, 2009 5:19 AM
To: nyrenagency
Subject: Henry Stewart Talks: Citations

Dear Chuck,

image I am writing to update you on citations for talks appearing within The Marketing and Management Collection (www.hstalks.com/go).

The Marketing and Management Collection, of which your talk forms part, is used as an educational resource by academic institutions and commercial organizations worldwide. Following both customer and speaker feedback we have generated citations for every talk in the collection to enable speakers and viewers to reference the use of talks in their academic and commercial endeavours. These citations appear on each individual talk page.

image We have also recently created direct links to every talk in the collection which you might wish to place on your website alongside references to your other published works. The link will provide access to the first five minutes of the presentation. The full citation and the direct link to your talk appears below.


Stroud, D., Walker, G., Nyren, C. and in’t Veld, A. (2009), "How the older market is evolving internationally", in Stroud, D. (ed.), Latest Thinking in Marketing to the Older Consumer: Marketing techniques to target the fastest growing population demographic, The Marketing & Management Collection, Henry Stewart Talks Ltd, London.

Once again, many thanks for contributing to the Henry Stewart Talks series on “Latest Thinking in Marketing to the Older Consumer”.

Kind regards,
Henry Stewart Talks
Russell House, 28-30 Little Russell Street
London, WC1A 2HN
Website: www.hstalks.com

Makes me feel like I’m an Oxford Professor or something …

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