28 September 2009

Baby Boomers and The Kindle

A post from May 2009:

bezosNot About The Kindle Controversy
I don’t want to get into a brouhaha over Amazon’s Kindle and whether it’s a swindle or a savior or Beelzebub.  (Although the talking version seems to need elocution lessons.)

Multimedia Journalist Lauren E. Bohn did some research (including calling yours truly) and put together a trenchant piece:

image Kindling a reading revolution among baby boomers?  Baby boomers leading the perceived revolution
Berdell, a baby boomer, said he feels “hip” for owning a digital counterpart to the better portion of his library. He doesn’t bemoan the diminishing smell of paper and glue in his office.  He’s not alone.

I don’t see books disappearing. They’re easier to read (and skim) than an electronic device.   

And as one of Lauren’s interviewees says:

People can ingest content in more than one way …

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