15 July 2009

RIP: TeeBeeDee

tbd Readers have emailed wondering why I haven’t commented on the demise of TeeBeeDee.  It’s because I’ve said everything I have to say about these sites – in numerous posts over the years and in my book.

Some posts:

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In a Wall Street Journal blog the founder of TeeBeeDee is interviewed:

Wolaner added that no other companies have successfully figured out this space.

That’s because there is no space - at least ones that can be monetized.  From my book, originally published in 2005 (now available as an updated paperback):

bookexcerptWeb pundits are drooling over social networking sites. While this business model is successful and will continue to be, I’m not convinced that people over fifty really care about la-de-da virtual socializing. There has to be a reason to join and hang out other than simply being a Baby Boomer. Sites that center around specific interests like gardening, politics, health, travel, dating, food, art, sports, real estate, education, grandparenting, volunteering, mentoring, etc. will attract a 50+ base. But few want or need to simply hop online and proclaim,“Hello! I’m Joe and I’m a Baby Boomer!”

And TeeBeeDee was one of the better ones.

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