20 July 2009

Boomer Diva TV

A bevy of talented, beautiful Boomer Divas is about to have a whole lot of fun:

Boomer Women Prepare to Launch Boomer Diva TV
boomerdivatv The women of Boomer Diva Nation will showcase their expertise in front of an international audience with the debut of their own Internet TV Network …  Each member will be responsible for producing her own video segment, which will be available to the general public.

bev My guess is that the merriment will be laced with priceless advice from resident experts –including Beverly Mahone, founder of Boomer Diva TV and veteran journalist, author, media coach and motivational speaker:

“We have small business owners, entrepreneurs, best-selling authors, virtual assistants, marketing strategists, photographers, life coaches, health and fitness experts and we even have someone who can cook as good as, if not better than, Rachel Ray,” says Mahone.

(Hmmm.  I hope they’re aiming bit higher than that in their culinary studios …)

At the moment, the featured video on Boomer Diva TV cracked me up:

Actress, TV Producer and Boomer Diva Nation member Debbie Zipp explains how she has found a way to "contain" herself with a new product designed for women. Video created by In the Trenches Productions.

More from the Press Release:

BoomerDivaTV.com is going to change the way boomer women are perceived, according to Mahone. “We’re not just a group of older women having a midlife crisis. We are on the move and making a difference.”

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