08 April 2008

The First Annual Baby Boomer Girlfriends Spring Break

Beverly Mahone - author, journalist, talk show host, media and Baby Boomer pundit - has something going on that has an exciting, fun, unique feel about it:
The First Annual Baby Boomer Girlfriends Spring Break
In 2007, many of you contacted me suggesting we have some kind of event to connect baby boomer women all over the country in order to network, make business contacts and to celebrate who we are. Well I listened and now we are going to do just what you've asked.
Listen to Beverly talk about it on Growing Bolder Radio.

This is the type of grassroots event that should be on all marketers' radar. It might look small and insignificant to a P&G, a Unilever, a General Motors - but the 'realness' of it will reflect on your brand more than a booth at a standard convention or event.

And the future of this Spring Break? Read on ...

I don't want to get into the whole story - but when I was on a speaking tour in Europe recently, my gig in The Netherlands was at this unbelievable event. Ninety-eight thousand visitors, five hundred and eighty-seven top-of-the-line booths. Ten or fifteen years ago when it began, the booths were folding tables and chairs, the vendors hawking trinkets and vacation packages.

Also in The Netherlands there is an impressive annual event on a smaller scale. One of the producers is Martijn de Haas - profiled recently on The Mature Market site.

Beverly left a comment on another post:

"Do you think you could put on a dress and come speak to the fabulous women at our Baby Boomer Girlfriend's Spring Break in Daytona Beach?"
Maybe next year, Beverly. But … where do I shop for this dress? It'll be tough finding something in my size - and is stylish. I might have to make a short detour here on the way to Florida.

Or ... I could wait until I get there. For the 2nd Annual, you just might have hundreds of booths, with dozens dedicated to fashion.

More about it all.


  1. One more thing: Our motto for this event is: "We're still hot---it just comes in flashes now!"

    Seriously, thank you, Chuck, for bringing attention to an event that is destined to become the "official" Baby Boomer Girlfriend's Spring Break throughout the world. Gone are the days when we NEED to be SEEN to feel appreciated. We are gathering together with like-minded women who are on the move and making a difference. The numbers aren't as important as the "quality" of the women who show up.

    You will always have a standing invitation with, or without a dress. :)

  2. This is going to be the Baby Boomer event of the year! Beverly has worked very hard to plan this awesome event. Baby Boomer Divas, you will not want to miss out.

    Diva Betty Lynch

  3. Thank you for bringing attention to the Girlfriend's Retreat. I am so excited about attending! I'm counting down the days.

  4. Chuck - Why couldn't you be the one male speaker? Men can be DIVA too! A little Y chromosome adds spice.

  5. Cheers to you Chuck, from this baby boomer diva from 'down under'!
    Yep, we are EVERYWHERE! :)

    Have a ripper of a time girls!!

  6. Wow. It's getting all around, this retreat I mean. I'm all excited to go and maybe next year Chuck you can come and speak? We'd love to have you.

  7. I'm so excited that I get to be a part of the Boomer Women's Girlfriend Getaway Retreat in Daytona Beach, Florida on April 18th.

    I'll be speaking on
    "Life, Love and Caregiving for Boomer and Sandwich Generation Women: How Do We Do It All?"

    It's going to be a great time--and I can't wait to meet Beverly. Hope to see you there!

    ~Carol D. O'Dell
    Author of Mothering Mother: A Daughter's Humorous and Heartbreaking Memoir

    available on Amazon


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